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On these pages, I hope you will find delicious dessert shooters that interest you enough to give them a try. You'll be amazed at how easy these mini desserts are to make, and how quickly they disappear from your dessert tray!

Dessert shooters by flavor:

Top 5 Chocolate dessert shooters
Key Lime Pie dessert shooters 
S'mores dessert shooters 
Tiramisu dessert shooters 
Vanilla dessert shooters 

See  Menu item -  "Dessert Shooters by Month" - for ideas to celebrate every month of the year. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Dessert Shooters

Since I started creating my own dessert shooters last year, I have a lot of fans of these mini desserts asking me questions about how I create them, how I dream them up, etc. The below are some of the most common questions I've received:

Q: Where do you get inspiration for dessert shooters?
A: Most of my ideas simply come to me by putting together sweet items that I personally like. I use a lot of angel food cake, smashed cookies, custard, and whipped cream in my creations. 

Q: What makes the best dessert shooter?
A: This is a very tough question! Every single dessert shooter (imho) is the best! It's a matter of which one is in front of me at the moment....Actually, the very best mini desserts have a variety of textures built into them. Without the texture of, say, cookie crumbles or graham cracker crumbs, a dessert shooter can become a bit boring. 

Q: Can I add jelly or jam to a dessert shooter?
A: Sure! You can add anything you'd like! I love topping a simple dessert shooter of graham cracker crumbs and vanilla ice cream with raspberry jam. Add a single berry on top and you've turned a mundane bowl of ice cream into a great Raspberry Cream Dessert Shooter!

Q: Where do you find most of your supplies?
A: I'm a fan of finding my dessert shooter supplies in various shops around town. The local Good Will has provided me with quite a few 4 ounce glasses which make a great mini dessert display. Amazon is also a good place to find supplies, as is eBay. And, of course, there's some supplies on the "Supplies" page of this website. What are you waiting for - get going!

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