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In case you're unfamiliar with the term, dessert shooters are those perfectly sized mini desserts that are starting to appear on most restaurant menus. Known as much for their spectacular taste as for their diminutive size, a well constructed dessert shooter is a thing of beauty.

Dessert shooters make the best presentation en mass so mix up three or four different types for your dinner guests. And, with their being so easy to put together, you won't be sitting over a hot oven or stove in order to serve a delicious dessert.

The key to making the very best dessert shooter is to mix tastes and textures; a soft dessert shooter will be boring but interlace crushed Oreo mint cookies between a layer of egg custard and some fluffy whipped cream and - voila! A masterpiece!

On this site (which I hope you'll bookmark and visit frequently - hint, hint), you'll not only find recipes for making these mini desserts but will also find interesting supplies with which to make them. You'll find ways to make serving your dessert shooters fun and appealing to all ages (yes, my 94 year old Mom, Gertie, is my "tester").

Almost any glass will work but choosing those between two and four ounces is best for most dessert shooters - more is not necessarily better!

Prepare at least two (possibly three) dessert shooters for each of your dinner guests. Trust me - you'll hear accolades and raves of gratitude for ending a filling dinner on a softer note.

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